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Beneath the Mountain is a dwarven city-builder and real-time-strategy game. Mine your way into the mountain, discover gold and silver, construct buildings, recruit an army, build traps, and defeat the vile creatures that lurk in the dark caves of the mountain. Most importantly, find the heart of the mountain before the orcs destroy your kingdom.

Beneath the Mountain is planned to release late mid-2022, for Windows, available on Itch.IO and Steam.

Randomly Generated Maps

Each map is completely randomly generated, so that each time you play the game, its a new and different experience. 


  •  10 types of dwarfs
  • 26 buildings
  • 7 types of traps
  • 13 types of cave creatures
  • 9 types of goblins and orcs
  • 5 playable floors
  • Mining cart transportation system
  • Save/load system
  • Runeforge Talent system


  • WASD - Move Camera
  • Q + E - Change visible floor (go up / down)
  • R - Rotate Building / Attack Move
  • X - Hold Ground
  • I - Disable UI
  • Space Bar - Pause

Upcoming Features (no particular order)

  • The Heart of the Mountain (victory condition) [done]
  • Goblin mini-raids [done]
  • More gore and blood splatter [done]
  • A talent tree system with dozens of options [done]
  • Random map effects (see WoW's M+ affix system)
  • More cave creatures (Undead tomb, Dragon den, etc) [in-progress]
  • Unit Abilities (ex: whirlwind attack for the king) [done]
  • Minimap
  • Unit stats on tooltips [done]
  • Unit selection interface [done]
  • Voicelines for all dwarfs (dialog, notifications, etc) [coming soon]
  • New background art [done]
  • Campaign Map with multiple playable mountains
  • Squads & Control Groups [coming soon]
  • Unit Experience System [coming soon]


Please leave feedback on the game! The game is being actively developed and your feedback can have a profound effect on the final product! Please reach out to me on Discord, or just leave a comment here  on itch. Suggestions and bug reports are always welcome!


If you'd like to play-test the latest builds, join the discord and ask to become a Tester!

StatusIn development
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
GenreStrategy, Survival
Tags3D, dwarf, Fantasy, mining, Mountains, Real time strategy, Strategy RPG, Unity

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kann das game leider nicht downloaden

Everything works until I choose the map and start, the screen goes on and loads, but suddenly the game closes


I have seen this game in youtube and I found it very interesting. I've downloaded it, but I have an issue. When the game generate the world, the button "Begin" doesn't work.


It happens to me exactly the same

Absolutely love the game, can't wait for the final version. Just finished the game on nightmare difficulty and noticed a couple things. First one is the raids on the entrance stop at about day 2000. Maybe you already know and set it up that way, just think it would keep the difficulty up if they kept coming. The other one is that when I was down on the bottom level and tried to call troops, miners or engineers down from the first floor they wouldn't come. I had to guide them down the first couple of floors before they would do it on their own. Neither one is a big deal or changes my opinion of the game. Thanks for the fun

version 1.1.9Rv2

Hello I have somethings to say

1: Great game having a ton of fun

2: I found an infinite gold glitch, where you place a STAIRS DOWN and demolish it before it is done then instead of getting 50 gold and 1 stone(which is the price) you get 100 gold and no stone

3: I have a suggestion for when the unit interface is added, 

3.1: a patrolling key bind for a unit to go from current position to another position in a loop back and forth

3.2: an exploring key bind for a unit to go around the map on their current floor randomly/to areas that are below a certain light level(such as accidentally opening a cave)

related to( 3.1 and 3.2 ) if used on a group they move to together(regardless of unit type) 

4: maybe giving the KING a leveling system( as in every enemy kill counts regardless if the KING did the killing or not) and have the KING increase stats by 10% every level (like increase based of level 1 so at level 10 the KING would be twice as strong as the starting stats)

4.1: I suggest this feature because as the game goes on each raid/invasion keeps getting stronger

4.2: and maybe have certain strong units/traps locked behind specific KING levels so it encourages the clearing of cave


First off, loving the game. Is there any way to implement a "Are you sure" button on the "Exit to main menu" button? Because I've ruined one good map because I didn't save and pressed it accidentally. Also, as of now I can only place certain traps inside of map generated walls(rocks?) and if I want to change a spear trap for a dragon trap, I can't because it removes the rock wall. Any plans on either making us able to place the traps "anywhere" or let the wall remain once the trap is removed so another one can take its place?


Hey, thanks for the comment! I'm glad you're enjoying the game. 

1. Exit to main menu confirmation button is coming (sorry, always busy)

2. I had to change the way wall traps worked because of exploits. I'll be making it possible to replace wall traps in the near future (I'm aware of this issue). 

I hope that answers your questions :)

Definitely answers my questions. Thank you :)

Is there a save and load system implemented yet? I am playing version 1.1.9Rv2. My version installed doesn't say v2, but I did download it on the 6th. Only issues I've seen is putting light poles on corners, your miners may not be able to pathfind around them. I had to delete the pole and build somewhere else. Also not sure how to actually get the jewel? I built a bridge, sent my king down there next to it. Tried to select it, nothing happened. Appreciate the feedback. I am enjoying the game.

Hey, and yes there's a save/load system! Version 1.1.9 had a bug where the king wouldn't touch the stone, but it should be fixed in 1.1.9Rv2. If its still not working, hop in the discord and we'll figure it out!

What a great game ! Cant wait to buy it

I ran into a problem when all the miners died and had no recourse. I was wondering if it would be possible to at least get some gold refunded when you destroy a building? or the king can mine at least a small amount to get miners back. let me know the your thoughts. Love the game and really wanted to see how far I could go

Hey Sovren, thanks for the comment! I do plan to add building construction cost refunds in the next few months. It'll be an option in the talent tree if you go down the engineering path. This will also make it possible to relocate your main base after descending to the lower floors!

Glad you're loving the game!

thank you for your reply, your doing an amazing job! Looking forward to seeing what else is in store for us big fans!🎮

Hey I enjoyed the game, the only real problem I had is the fact that I could not select multiple rocks to mine, such as by clicking and dragging. Was I doing it wrong or is that not implemented? 

I also think this game would benefit from having a setting for dwarves to mine automatically, so that its not so micromanagey.

Looks very interesting have WL on steam 

This game is very good so far. Thanks for makeing it :)

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just did a test run of the game and i can say it deffo has promise but there are some significant things i noticed that need work:

most noticeably it's the AI; both enemy and allied need work. 

allied troops aggro very late or not at all if enemies are in range. this is especially bad with the ranged unit.  some critical unit controls are not in the game; notably attack, attack move, Control groups. unit doesn't return to it's previous position after healing,...

enemy AI seems to be OK in most aspects, but if you wall off your base from the spawn area, for some reason they don't attack you like at all apart from a couple units

after saving and reloading due to null pointer exception, some miners and engineers just stopped working. not mining or constructing anything. 

in order to incentivize ppl to move down floors, you can make it so there are specific resources that only appear on lower floors(for example: each floor you go down represents a tier of progression with each floor having a unique resource for upgrades). these resources could for example, provide upgrades to your units, buildings or be used to craft equipment for your king (note: maybe allow us to rename the king). 

instead of starting with a mining post maybe start with a town hall or something, that when it is destroyed you lose. in that case it would also be nice to be able to dismantle and rebuild the town hall in lower floors. also representing your progress in the game. 

very cool game! been playing 1.1.8f for a few days now, and really like what you have here. a few bugs I've noticed are a typo: when the army's have been spotted notification pops up, arrive has only 1 r instead of 2. the amount of stone often pops up the dev console when it goes over the limit as well. 
overall a beautiful game and more then happy with it. thank you for this

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Discord link outdated. I don't want to download 1.1.8f if it has miners stop working issue etc. I'd rather come to Discord and snatch the newest possible :)

EDIT: Thank you for fixing the Discord link. Can't wait for you guys to finish the game, it's awesome.

Hi devs,

on 1.1.8f miners stop working all the time. I have to reasign them manully to bring them back to work. Dev console says Nullpointer Exception but no further information.

Hey! Thanks for playing the game and reporting the bug. I've since release 1.1.8h which fixes numerous bugs since 1.1.8f. I release daily builds in the discord server :)

is there a link to 1.1.8h? been playing 1.1.8f for a few days the miners are bugging out now

I know not many people will be playing at this resolution, but at 5120x1440 everything is stretched out vertically to the point I can't even get into the options.  The tops and bottoms of the option menu are cut off so I can't change it to windowed mode or a lower resolution.

hey there! loving your game so far but one issue I ran into is I somehow accidently opened the dev console while I was spamming my keyboard in panic lol. how do I close it? I've tried all the normal buttons you use in most games. please help, also the only critique from a gameplay side of things so far is I wish I could select which enemies to target as you just kind of have to wait for the AI to select for you which can take a while,  oh also it would be nice to be able to place railroads closer to enemies as long as there is stone between the rail and the spiders, its frustrating to not be able to build a rail when the spiders cant even reach me.

Hey, thanks for playing the game! If the dev console popped up because of an error, there should be a close button for it. If thats not what you mean, then, I believe Ctrl+Shift+C is the keybind for the console (I had to look it up). I hope that helps!

Also, you CAN tell your dwarfs which units to attack! There's just no indicator to show you that its working lol. I'm adding an outline flash to this soon, so you'll know that you selected the correct target.

Lastly, the suggestion about building rails near enemies is a good one. Enemies can't attack rail anyway, so I might just add this feature :)

Again, thank you for trying the game :)

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Hi, new comer here. liking the game, but, I really have an issue here, seems I can't go past dropping the barracks, as the game crashes, actually just reboots windows, anything to fix this? 

LE: the crashing is random, thinking it might be smth with the performance, seems to give short time screen artifacts

This a really great idea and I'm getting some of the dungeon keeper vibe that all the mining and stuff has got going on. That combined with the orcs must die trap style make for an interesting combo. Keep up the good work!

Hi again Max, I have seen a lot of stuff added since last time, really a good game you are having there! I am sure you are looking for more ideas to add or bugs to fix, so I will focus on that and here is a small video shows what you added!

I want to say that I have been playing this off screen for a very long time! What I noticed is that you can actually block the incoming waves from attacking and waiting outside in the dark, I managed to block them using Dart Traps side by side to block the entrance! And since there was no structure or unites to attack, they didn't detect I have a base behind the Dart Traps (I guess) but I could triger them to attack me by mining a path. However, and this is important: Waves kept coming and I "lived happily behind the block" until they reached 99 Orcs which did not increase above that despite the incoming waves, the problem here is that the game could not render that many numbers, which made the game lag a lot to the point you can not play it (It might be my PC config, so you might wanna test that yourself). I really thought I found a hack to the game XD

Another thing I wish I can see it in the game: When one of your unites of buildings are being attacked and you are busy mining or building in another place far away, you really can not tell if you are being attacked... whihc in one of the plays I lost half of the camp before I noticed that I am being attacked by spiders, I wish if there is an alert system to let you know you are being attacked and maybe shows the place as well. (Just an idea)

I really love your game and wish it get more popular!


Hey Zak! I'm so glad to hear from you again!

I knew someone would find the trap exploit soon enough :P I have a solution though! The spear trap, dragon fire trap, and lightning trap are going to be changed such that they are all "wall" traps and you'll have to place them on a position where a rock cube already is. So the rock cube will get replaced by the trap. This should help solve that exploit. 

In regards to the alert system, I know what you mean! I have a notification system (the stuff that pops up in the top left), but it needs sounds and special effects to really alert the player (I've been looking but haven't found the sounds im looking for). Once this is properly implemented, you'll be able to click on the alert to jump to that point. I may even add an option to auto-pause the game when something like this happens.

Again, thank you so much for playing the game. You were one of the first people to play it, so you can see how its changing. I can't wait for you to see the final product :)

Let me know if there's anything I can do for you!

That exploit of the traps was great while it lasted lol! I am happy to see devs putting such efforts in thier games! I would love to see what you would add more in the game next time I try it.

I do find your support on my YouTube channel more than I would ever ask from you Max! And same here! If you need anything, I will be around sir!

there are no tooltips while paused.

Hey, thanks for the feedback. I've added it to the buglist :)

Your game looks pretty cool.

Man, this game is hard. First, I died on the first invasion; second, on the second invasion, and next time I kept losing on the second invasion. I think that is because the invasion manager can send you two giant orcs, two armored orcs, and two dozens of regular ones. It is overwhelming but I like the game. Yes, the unit response time needs polishing, and I've only played 5 games, so I haven't yet got the grips for the game.

If you need help with translating the game to Russian later on, just let me know I would be happy to help you. 

Good luck!

Hey Tosek!

First, thanks for playing the game! Second, I know its hard lol. I want to keep the game hard (for now), to challenge players, so that they try new things! However, I am adding new features every week, and as the player gets stronger, the game gets easier.

I've spent a lot of time the last few weeks working on unit response, and it should be much better next patch!

Some advice for beating the game: try to get a barracks early, followed by a workshop. That way you can get soldiers, and tunnel scouts out fast, and get a few traps up before the first invasion. A few good traps will cut down the orcs by 50% each wave, then your warriors and tunnel scouts can finish them off. 

Again, thank you so much for trying out the game. I would love to hear more feedback on the next patch (coming soon)!

Yeah, playing, again and again, taught me to build barracks asap though I'm still slow. I also noticed that gold and silver shine in the dark.

I will be waiting for the next updates!

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Made a video about this game!

Hey, thanks for the review! I'll check it out, but I don't speak Russian lol

I would love to know what you thought about the game!

Hey there Max, here is the gameplay review video you asked for. I normally give long written details like you can see on my thread. However, the support has been so low this last month, so you gotta watch the full video to konw what ideas and feedback I gave your game. I hope this is okay with you and wish it will help. It will be great if you subscribed to my YouTube channel, it helps a lot. Here is the video:


Hey Zak!

Thank you SO MUCH for the review! Its the first time I've been able to watch someone play my game, and it was eye-opening. I've made several notes about things you mentioned, and things you tried, and will be adding improvements to the game.

By the way, the engineer's put up walls on the rock cubes, but that doesn't prevent the cube from being mined. Walls and floor tiles are just for decoration, just to make it look nicer. 

Thanks again! I may ask you for help again in a few months :)

Hey there Max!

Feel free to ask at any point! And I really appreciate the fact that you explained about that one engineer. I really hope that I helped a little bit with your game for future improvements.

Best regards, Zak.

Deleted 2 years ago

Hey Noa_Noa!

Really appreciate the feedback! So, the fill block was kind of an idea (a way of putting rock back after you removed it), but its technically a building, so you have to delete it, and can't mine it.... Its half one thing, half another, and I think I'll probably remove it at some point.

And yes, you can use buildings to block off enemies (currently). Buildings will be attackable very soon, so that strategy won't work at that point. 

Again, thanks for following the project! I'll be updating it soon!

Looks good. Waiting for the music switch option!

Can you clarify what you mean by music switch? Do you mean audio options to adjust volume or turn off music entirely?

Both are works for me.