Alpha Version Release!

Come check out the alpha version of Beneath the Mountain! The first 20 or so minutes should be engaging and keep you very busy throughout.  Please download and try version 1.1.2 and let me know what you think! I've been working hard on this project for 7 months and am at the point where I need real feedback from players. Tell me what worked, what didn't work, what you thought should work, and any suggestions for features or gameplay additions!

Its been a while since I've made  devlog here on Itch.IO, so I want to recap what I've added since my last devlog post, which was over a month ago.

Mining Cart & Rail System

One of the first things I noticed when playtesting the game, was that after expanding from the original starting point, it would take miners an incredibly long period of time to run back to mining camp to deposit gold, slowing down expansion. So, I started working on a rail road system to help miners carry gold back to the base. 

I have to admit this is a version 1 of the system, and there will most likely be a version 2, as I can tell that there is still some room for improvement. However, it does a good job now and really speeds up the rate at which you earn gold!


I wanted to add another 'easy' creature type to fight on the first floor. Previously we only had small and medium spiders. I wanted to add Rotworms as an homage to my favorite game of all time (Tibia), as well as adding an enemy type that was stationary. That way, if you break into a cave, and see that its occupied by a rotworm, you can leave that cave alone until you have enough strength to defeat it. 

Gold Deposit Effects

I wanted to add a way to 'feel' how much gold you were earning from mining. Now, when miners deposit gold, you can see (and hear) how much money your making!

What's Next?

Well, I'm dying to get some feedback on the game, but I've got a huge list of features I want to add. In some rough order: 

1. Being able to go up and down floors (core part of the game not yet available) 
2. Being able to research tech upgrades (upgrades to miners, the king, buildings, etc)
3. King abilities - the king should have abilities that boost nearby units as well as special attacks
4. More buildings and economy (smithy, workshop, etc). 
5. More creatures / enemy types (demons, undead, etc)
6. More unit types (ranged dwarfs, magical abilities, rune priests, etc)

Thank You!

Thank you for checking out my game and the devlog. I appreciate all and any feedback I get. I hope you enjoy my game. 



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Aug 03, 2021

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