Week 33 Update

Alright, so its been about a month since my last devlog here, and there's a ton of new stuff to talk about. We finally have a Steam Page (please wishlist if you can, it really helps!), as well as a ton of new features and improvements.

Mining Cart Overhaul

Mining carts no-longer require deposit stations! Instead of transporting minerals, the mining carts now transport the dwarfs themselves! Also, after much work, we have interchanges that you can build through the use of "T" sections. Check out the image below. These new rails really speed up the game and feel great to use. 

Map Details

So, what I'm calling details are little decorations that make the game feel more real, like small stones, stalagmites, etc. I've been adding a lot of stuff to the detail system and it really helps the game feel like its taking place under a mountain. 


Yes! The game is finally multi-floor. All you have to do is click on one of the stair buildings (stairs up & stairs down), and an indicator will show you where you can place them. Units will go up and down on their own. Enemies can also chase units up and down stairs so be careful!

New Building: The Workshop

The workshop is a new (animated) building that produces Engineering Parts. It produces one of these every 30 seconds. These engineering parts are required for traps, and the workshop itself is required before any traps can be built.

Spider Eggs

A lot of the spiders that were in caves are now in eggs. This means the AI is completely disabled until the egg is triggered by a nearby dwarf. This improves the performance of the game drastically, and makes for really interesting gameplay. So far they've been really fun to run into, or even to try to avoid.

Rock Elementals are Back

I took these out previously because they were too strong, but now that I can stick them in the lower floors, they make sense, and so rock elementals are back again. They're a bit weaker than before, but definitely still very challenging.

Please Test

I would really love to get some more testing on this latest (very stable) build of the game. It has a ton of new features, and I really would love some feedback on how they perform. Is the game more fun than version 1.1.2? Please let me know!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read the devlog. Follow me on Twitter and please Wishlistthe game if you can.

Coming Up

Here's a list of features that have high priority currently:

- A heavy armor dwarf warrior that requires Iron to produce (thus making the Forge an important building)

- Unit tooltips that show information about health, armor, attack damage, attack speed, etc. 

- Better RTS controls. Double click to select all units of a type. Attack move. Hold position, etc. 

- Tech tree (think talent trees that give bonuses to various things)

- A ranged unit 

- Enemies can attack and destroy buildings (this completely changes how and where you build things)


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Sep 10, 2021

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